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ClickandGrow 2 weeks out

2 weeks out and my hydroponic system is working great. I added water, just a little. I noticed the next day that my lettuce looked puny. That evening they looked better. It’s almost like they had a little shock. My ole fashion planting has some Roman Chamomile, Catnip, and Sunflowers 🌻 popping up. My Dandelions or Calendula haven’t sprouted yet, I read the package and I have upto 2 weeks for these babies to sprout. This is my first time doing seeds like this, I wanted to get an early start. Here’s to some serious planting in the Spring...I hope. It snowed today❄️

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1 week out Click and Grow

It’s amazing how these little guys just keep growing. The dogs have started guarding the plants. Suzy just circles and circles around the plants that I planted the ole fashion way.  Lexi and I talk to the plants every day, it’s almost like talking to little kids. #clickandgrow 🥬🍅🌱

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Click and Grow day 3

I am amazed with this so far. With this product when you plug it in the light stays on for 16 hours and off for 8, so they recommend starting first thing in the morning then the lights will be off when everyone is sleeping. I am still skeptical of the process. But after only 2 full days my lettuce is sprouting!!!! Whoop Whoop! Tomorrow I will plant the old fashion way...with soil. I’ll have to get dirty, not looking forward to that.

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