Hunters Soap

Hunters Soap

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Tried of smelling like a human when trying to attract deer. This bar is formulated to mask your scent. It contains the essential oils of anise and orange to help you blend in to your surroundings.  Anise replaces your scent and is said to be a mild deer attractant. Wash your body with it, wash your hair with it. It's made with all natural oils to cleanse and condition your skin.

This soap smells a bit like licorice which is said to bring deer closer to a stand. Anise is also said to remove the fish scent from a fishers hands.

Ingredients: Water, Goats Milk, Lye, Olive Oil, Natural Colorants, Anise & Orange Essential Oils

The colorants in this bar are all natural as well; chlorella powder & turmeric powder.

To extend the life of your hand crafted soap allow it to drain and dry between use.

The bar weighs about 4.5 oz.